Business Opportunity

  1. you can enroll in DNG MULTITRADEas free Distributor (Free Joining).
  2. For more income, Free Distributor must be activate as Distributor (On purchasing value of ₹ 3000 for Product).
  3. Activated Distributors are qualify for Leader Ship Team,Silver,Teamt,Gold Team, Diamond Team, Blue Diamond Team
  4. Matching Bonus will be 2 pairs for each closing
  5. Per day 3 closing 7 AM-3 PM,3 PM-11 PM,11 PM to 7 Matching Bonus
  6. Daily closing system and next day payout (Matching Bonus) transfer direct to your bank account.
  7. 5% TDS, 5% Sponsor and 10% admin charge applicable.
Joining Amount ₹ 3000
Types Of Incomes

Matching Bonus

For First pair there should be ration of 1:2 or 2:1
The first pair will be zero counted.
After First Pair the matching is 1:1 for unlimited Depth

Silver Team Bonus

Three leaders are under you,you become a Silver and You will get ₹ 6000 incentive

Gold Team Bonus

You have 6 silver under you will get incentive of ₹ 75000.

Diamond Team Bonus

If you have 9 gold under you will get ₹ 2,25000 of incentive

Blue Diamond Team Bonus

If you have 12 diamonds under you then you will get incentive ₹ 450000